Patient Consortium Manifesto

Patient Health Care Consortium Goals

We Must:

~ Incorporate in a non-profit manner

~ Have core belief in a mission statement as the central hub in a constellation of concerns adopted by patients from all walks of life and health.

~ Form strong advocacy base for meaningful changes while maintaining continued benefits from existing programs, initiatives, services.

~ Identify areas of concern, prioritize, and make plan(s) of action

~ Educate public on pertinent issues.

~ Create a Legislated “Bill Of Patients Rights”

~ Educate advocacy base for political, social, and medical purposes which will influence positive outcomes.

~ Demand the need for “The Patient Consortium” to be a partner in policy, quality of care, health promotion, patient fees and expenses at the Statehouse and other regulatory bodies.

~ Have on-going advocacy training for members and colleagues.

~ Network with advocates from allied health organizations we can rely on for support as needed.

~ Have strong donor base strategy and financial backing for continued financial stability and soundness and a cash reserve for emerging issues.

~ Get legal counsel.

Potential Advocacy Issues:

“Bill Of Patients Rights” which is recognized and adhered to by all HCP’s in State of VT. including*
* Privacy of medical records
* ability to amend patient records
* partnership vs. hierarchical relationship w/ HCP
* equity of care
* quality of care

Indirect fees and expenses IE. travel, O.C. medications, baby-sitter, etc.
Alternative therapies

Jonathan Heins Feb. 17, 2014